How do I connect with you via Google Hangouts?

You will need a Google account and a web-browser. That's all. Nothing to install.

Google Hangout Helpcenter

Once you logged in with your Google account you are ready to go. I will email you an invite and we connect at the arranged date and time.

How do I connect with you via Skype video call?

You will need Skype on your computer or tablet device.

Check out Skype support. They can explain this much better than I can:

Once you have installed the little Skype app on your computer you are ready to go. Just select my Skype name and click connect. You can find my Skype name on all our correspondence.

How do I connect with you via the Apple messaging app?

You will need a Apple Mac computer or an iPad. Every Mac has the messaging app installed.

This support article by Macworld explains the process very well:

You will find further information in our booking confirmation correspondence.

How do I join your group online courses?

For group online courses, we use a platform called "GoToMeeting" to connect with each other. If internet/online meetings are new to you, don't worry. Find below links and information how it works. It is very easy to set up. Private and secure.
GoToMeeting is perfect for webinars and online courses. It allows me to share my screen with you. You can follow in real-time each training step on my screen. You can take screenshots with ease and store them in your course folder together with the provided work files.

After you enrolled for my course, you will receive a unique "join" link.

How to join a online course/meeting?


Get ready for your first online group training via GoToMeeting

Test your computer and your internet connection:

On this support website you can also join a test session to see how it goes prior our workshop.

Attendee Guide for Windows and Mac

Can you advise on which version and where I can purchase SketchUp and Layout?

You can start learning SketchUp with the free version, called “SketchUp Make”
Link: and select for “Personal Projects”.

Also, a good way to familiarise yourself with SketchUp is the new Browser-based version "SketchUp Free".
Start modeling at

Most relevant features of the “Make” version are the same as the “Pro” Version. However, you don’t have the powerful SketchUp Layout presentation program. Layout is only part of SketchUp Pro.
Find out more at

The free SketchUp Pro 30 day trial version is perhaps a good way to start with.

Perhaps you have the possibility to buy SketchUp Pro at a reduced Student/Teacher rate?
Find out more at SketchUp for Schools

The full license price for SketchUp Pro is currently £547.00 / US$ 695.00
“2018 New Single User + 1-year Maintenance & Support”

After your first year, there is an annual “Maintenance & Support” fee to pay. This fee is currently £ 102.00 incl. VAT. This includes all future software upgrades.

If you live in a different part of the world, just go to and select your country.

More resources

Will you be available to answer questions by phone or email after having taken the course?

A positive outcome for all my students is most important to me. Most of my students are still in touch with me. They ask questions from time to time or share their work with me. If you have any follow-up questions related to the topics we are covering in our workshop sessions - just email me or call me. I am here for all your questions and concerns. However, we can not extend a 10-hour workshop into a 5-month long version. There will be limits what you can achieve in 10 hours. However, you will have a good understanding how to work in SketchUp. You will be able to create 3D room models on your computer. You will gain confidence in creating 3D files of your interior design projects.

Many of my students are booking further sessions, after the first course. Online and in person. All depends on what you are aiming for. It is just like learning to play the piano. You will need to keep practising to become really good.

What if - the course I booked is not for me?

If you feel my course is not for you, please let me know what "bugs" you. Your feedback is very important to me. Your individual requests and topics are part of my unique "workshop style" course offerings. I adjust the course curriculum to the requirements of the participants all the time. For this, I need to know as much about your individual requirements as possible. You need to get good, in what you are aiming for. That is the mission.

If you are really, really unhappy, just let me know. We will issue a full refund. No questions asked.

If you are not sure, before booking, just contact me. I am here for all your questions and concerns. You could also book a 30 Minutes online session for all your 3D SketchUp and Interior Design questions.

Can I use a tablet (iPad) etc. to take part in your online courses?

Yes - but …
You can watch all my trainings on any device which can connect to my courses online.
However, you can not work in SketchUp on a tablet device. Perhaps in the near future? For now, SketchUp needs to be downloaded on a computer. Laptop or desktop. Mac or PC.
Some of my students use both devices to connect with me. An iPad for the video link to me. For watching my tutorial stream and a laptop computer for practising SketchUp at the same time. The disadvantage is, that we can not share screens. So, I can’t actively help you during the session in real-time. It is especially not recommended for one to one trainings.

Do you teach in imperial or metric measurements?

I prefer to teach in metric measurements. It comes natural, as I worked all my life in meters, centimetres and millimeters. It is the European standard for the interior design and architecture profession. However, if you are a student or designer from a different part of the world, we work in the units which suit you best. SketchUp provides in "preferences" a number of templates for personal and international user preferences.

Are you in walking distance from Surbiton station?

It depends. I personally prefer to walk to Surbiton station. Students have been using the bus, taxis or Uber drivers.
With your booking confirmation email, you will receive maps and links how to find to our house. The post code area is KT6. It's very easy to find. By foot, by train, by bike or car.

Why do I see “Interior Designer Shop” at check out?

My checkout system is based on the reliable and secure Shopify framework. I am using the same checkout account for my SketchUp for Interior Design courses and my new Interior Designer Shop (BETA) website. You can pay for courses and services via PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, Apple Pay or with your Amazon account.

Modeling or Modelling?

Modeling or Modelling?
I decided to use modeling for my website. After a little research, I found it is the more popular spelling in our industry. What is your opinion? Let me know via my related Facebook post.

The internet says:

In American English, the verb model becomes modeled and modeling. Outside North America, the preferred participles are modelled and modelling, with two l‘s. Canadians prefer the double-l forms, though the single-l forms appear about a third of the time. (In contrast, the double-l forms are almost nonexistent in 21st-century American writing, and the single-l forms are similarly rare outside North America.) These spelling preferences extend to modeler (U.S.) and modeller (outside the U.S.).


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